Sunday, March 15, 2009

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The Black Horse tavern, located on the south side of East Market street between the Luzerne County Jail and Public Square was built and kept by Archippus Parrish in the 1830's after his White Swan on the east side of the Square was destroyed by fire. At the time of its occupation by Parrish, it was the principal hotel of the town, and furnished some of the best accommodations in Wyoming Valley.

Following Parrish's retirement in 1839, the tavern was run by Henry Pettit and then by Andrew R. Bacon.

On Sunday July 16, 1848, the stables were discovered to be on fire, thought to be arson related to a prisoner in the jail at the time. Nearly everything burned, from the jail on East Market street to Slocum's house on the Square. The Black Horse was totally destroyed and apparently never rebuilt.